So, I may try to keep some sort of regularity to my posts just to have a log for myself and if anyone else is interested, that would be great.

Yesterday, I found two interesting books in the used book store. First, Folding the Universe by Peter Engel. I’m not really into origami but I’m a big fan of Hedi Kyle’s book structures, many of which are based on origami.

Ordinarily I wouldn’t get an origami book because I already have one and one is really enough, but this one I liked because there were good explanations of some of the theory behind origami, like this:

There’s a lot more like this, and even fractals and Koch snowflakes! It has a lot of projects in the second half of the book but I don’t think I’ll spend much time on them unless I get rid of my other origami book.

And, then, there is Kirigami, Exquisite Projects to Fold and Cut, by Jeffrey Rutzky. (Sorry, no link – it doesn’t seem like it was a very popular book).

I never heard of kirigami but, apparently, it is like origami but you’re allowed to also cut the paper. So it combines origami and paper cutting. It has some interesting possibilities and could be useful for making pop-up cards or books.

Now, at least I’ve looked at these books enough to remember why I bought them before I put them on the dreaded shelf of books I haven’t yet read.

Once I actually get this web site set up a little better, I hope to start blogging. I’ll be doing it mainly to force myself to focus a little bit on my craft work, but I hope the posts will also be interesting and at least a little useful to other weavers and bookbinders.